Registration FAQs

Q: I’d like to become a member of the American Blonde d’Aquitaine Association. What do I need to do?

A: To decide what type of membership you would like, visit our website, complete the membership application, submit to Caleigh Jerry (contact information below) and pay the dues listed. There are memberships for active and junior members.

Q: How do I pay my yearly membership dues?

A: Dues will be paid directly to the Canadian Livestock Records Corporation or CLRC. They handle our membership roster as well as our blonde cattle registrations.   As a member,  you will receive an email notification each year with a link to renew online. You can also pay via check to:

Canadian Livestock Records Corporation

2417 Holly Lane

Ottawa, ON



If you are a first year member, be sure to designate in your correspondence that the dues are for membership in the ABAA as the CLRC also represents other organizations.


Q:  When are my ABAA dues due?

A:   January 1 of each year. This covers your membership for the ensuing year.

Q: What if I join in July? Will my dues be pro-rated?

A:  Yes. For example, if you purchase an animals in July, your dues will be paid for the rest of that year AND the following year (i.e purchased July 2021, dues paid through December 2022).

Q:  How do I register animals?

A:  Complete the registration forms found on our website and scan (email), fax or mail to Caleigh Jerry.   Caleigh will create a registration certificate for each animal you register and mail them to you.

1-877-833-7110 x 315

613-731-0704 (fax)

Q:  Who do I contact if I have questions about animal registrations or need to register animals?

A:   Our registrar is Caleigh Jerry.

1-877-833-7110 x 315

613-731-0704 (fax)

Q:  How do I transfer an animal?

A:  Complete the transfer information on the back of the registration certificate, and scan (email), fax or mail to Caleigh. She will create a new registration certificate for the new owner and mail it to them.

Q:  Can I view my herd inventory online?

A:  YES! Visit our website, click registrations > ABAA Online Registry> search the  ABAA & your name

Q:  How do I advertise in the newsletter, website or on Facebook?

A:  Rates & sizing information can be found on our website under “Market> Advertising”. Ads and graphics can be emailed to

An invoice and payment information will be sent following receipt of your information.

Q:   I would like to contribute articles for the newsletter or send posts for Facebook. What’s the best way to do this?

A:  Articles or information can be emailed to

Q:  Where do I direct folks who want to know about registration information or where to find ABAA members?

A:   Please tell them to visit our website for registration information and forms, contact info, including a list of current ABAA officers and member directory, and much more. Contact information can be found in the ABAA member directory under “registration.” 

Q:   What is the mailing address of the ABAA headquarters?

A:   Should you need to physically mail anything, our address is:


c/o Cathy Diebold

10655 N 310 Rd.

Morris, OK 74445

Q: Who can I email with questions?

A: For general questions email If more specific questions are presented in an email to this address, we will forward it to the persons most knowledgeable in the area of interest or concern to contact you.

Q:  How do I get to know the governing “Rules” of the ABAA?

A:   Visit our website>registrations>forms>Bylaws and Rules

Q:   How do I locate breeders in my geographic area to see Blonde cattle first hand?

A: The best way is to look in the directory on our website where members are listed by state. You can then contact any of the members or the ABAA Board of Directors who might know of the most recent activity in blonde cattle breeders, transfers and developments.