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Please contact these junior members by writing them in care of ABAA.

Amber Thormodsgard
Tyler Thormodsgard  

Louisiana                                                                                                                                                           Andi JoDuck
Allie Dunn
Huck Harrison Hill
Leslie Michelle Huffman
Stephen A. Poole

New York
Brayden Perkins

Brett Cox
Aydian Horn

Michaela Moss

Adrian Anzaldua
Clay Morris

West Virginia
Evelyn Daugherty
Joseph Daugherty



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Junior Stipend for 2012 Awarded in Texas

          Clay Morris of Van Zandt County in East Texas was awarded a Junior Stipend award this year.  He showed his Blonde influence steer Ace in county and regional shows from September 2011 through April 2012.  At the last show, the Van Zandt County Fair, Clay and Ace took third overall in the steer competition, and then Ace and his docility helped Clay pick up the Showmanship Award for all the competitors in the steer show.
Ace also won the prize for best rate of gain.  Congratulations to both Clay and Ace!

2011 Junior Stipend Awarded

                 Jeremiah Molden of Louisiana again qualified for Junior Stipends for 2011.  He showed two Blonde animals in south Louisiana shows and won many times, receiving trophies, ribbons, blankets and prize money.  He attends White Castle High School in Louisiana and shows animals purchased from Livaudais Farms in Louisiana.  Congratulations, Jeremiah!

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The ABAA has established a stipend program for juniors who show Blonde or Blonde-influence cattle.  The animal must be shown for an entire show season under the auspices of 4H or FFA, and the teacher must verify the junior's showing activity.  In addition, a member of the American Blonde d'Aquitaine Association must verify the junior's showing for the year.  The ABAA awards $200 per year per animal to the junior for as many years as he or she shows and qualifies.  For information, please contact a director or member of the ABAA or email the ABAA at



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Junior Member
Members who are 18 years or under and eligible to show cattle as 4-H or FFA members and who have paid the requisite membership fee of $5 when joining; the fee is paid only once while the junior is under age 18; may not vote or hold office but may participate in other ABAA activities; may register up to 5 cattle in his or her name at fees established for Active members.

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